The Ruby Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund


This corporation is formed for the purposes of inducing, encouraging, assisting and supporting children, especially those of single parents, in pursuing an education who show promise in contributing to society at large, who need assistance or to whom assistance would be helpful. Members of this Corporation, the children of Ruby Hall and their issue, understand the difficulties involved in raising a family, particularly by a single mother as Ruby Hall was. They are grateful to the assistance of each other, friends, neighbors, family, mentors, teachers, and community members as well as their devoted and loving mother, in helping them out into the world where they have tried to contribute to society in a positive way. In memory of their mother, they have established this fund to assist others in similar circumstances. Part of their motivation is to give back what was given to them, but also they believe that sometimes those who have struggled with little means have a greater appreciation for the worth of an individual human being, and the world will be a better place if such persons are empowered through education to influence society at large.


Only graduates of Gentry, AR High School are eligible. Preference will be given those who demonstrate the most need and the best potential for success in post high school education and, in order of preference, those applicants who are from either a:

1. single mother household.
2. single father household.
3. two parent household.

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